Juan Carlos 'JC' Agundez Ugartemendia

J.C. is the CEO/President and founder of EZ Learning Academy and our resident math whiz. 

He has helped over 1,000 students achieve their goals in Math, Science, English and on Standardized Tests (Catholic High School Entrance Exam, ACT, PSAT and SAT). He has a Masters of Business Administration, Bachelors of Industrial Engineering, and Certification (Black Belt) in Six Sigma Statistical Analysis and Practical Applications. He is a Senior Project Manager with the University of Miami’s Medical/Clinical Information Technology, Systems and Operations.

EZ Learning Academy was created from “JC’s” realization that if he wanted his sons to learn math and science at a level that prepared them for college and beyond, he would have to step in and teach them himself. Both of his sons graduated in the top 5% of their classes at Saint Theresa School and Immaculata-LaSalle High School (and one was valedictorian at both!) JC's youngest son recently graduated Cum Laude from Cornell, including a study abroad at Oxford where he maintained a straight-A average. His eldest completed a year at the London School of Economics and Social Sciences, graduated Summa Cum Laude from University of Miami with two majors and one minor, and is now attending IIT Chicago-Kent College of Law with a 75%, 3-year guaranteed scholarship. Both students attest that their work with EZ Learning Academy was essential to their current success.

Stephanie Hairston

Stephanie is the COO/Vice president of EZ Learning and a battle-proven word ninja. 

She obtained her Juris Doctor from Georgetown University Law School in 2010, where she was awarded a partial academic scholarship. Prior to graduating from law school, Stephanie graduated summa cum laude from Howard University, where she was honored with a full academic scholarship for National Achievement Scholars, chosen to join the Honors Program, inducted into Phi Beta Kappa, and served as a graduation speaker for the College of Arts & Sciences.

Stephanie is passionate about education and has been hired as a professional reading and writing tutor in the public schools of Washington, D.C. and Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, on the Seminole Indian Reservation in Hollywood, Florida, and in private homes throughout South Florida. Her mastery of the English language and superior analytical skills have been critical to both her legal career and her passion for teaching, and she has successfully assisted students in topics ranging from basic reading to standardized testing and college essays. When she isn’t doing legal research for a multidisciplinary law firm or rewriting pop songs to make vocabulary fun, Stephanie enjoys improv acting and writing fiction for young adults.