Here's what our students have to say about us

"EZ Learning Academy made the college admissions process much easier. They not only helped me prepare for the ACT and SAT but also helped in critiquing my college essays."

-Michael M.

"So the class proved to be very helpful in preparing me for the standardized tests I would be taking as well as the college application process. When I sat down to take the exams I felt very prepared, and the results showed that as my scores increased dramatically. In regards to the college application process, the class was able to set me on the right path in regards to what steps I needed to take in order to apply to various colleges. The class prepared me for the SAT and helped me in getting into the college of my choice." 

-Matthew R. 

"The class helped improve my test taking strategies. The class addressed my weak points and made me feel confident with my test taking abilities. I felt prepared."

-Naulila S.

"The class was great practice. It provided much needed experience in a comfortable group class room setting that allowed everyone to get involved.It also gave me strategies to help tackle all different types of questions."

-Andres D. 

"The class helped me with the math, reading and writing, Additionally with the test taking timing."

-Estefania R.

"EZ Learning helped me feel more comfortable going into the SAT because I already knew what was coming. You helped us so much! I was able to see my progress from the first diagnostic practice SAT and the last. I am happy that I took the class because I am positive that it made a difference in my SAT score."

-Rebecca D

"It helped me because I was able to learn certain strategies for both. English/Reading and Math. The strategies allowed to score hign on the test."

-Adrianna M.

"The tutoring helped me by giving me confidence because it made me believe that I would do well on the test. It also helped me become a better student so that I can easily prepare for the test."

-Patrick M.

"EZ Learning raised my SAT score hundreds of points! With hard work and amazing teachers I was able to improve greatly and get into a top ten University."

-Alex Z

"The analytical skills and professional help of the instructors lead to a great understanding of the course material. Their valuable experience and testing strategies lead to the best way to take the SAT and raise your score."

-Adrian B.

"The three most helpful approaches you took in educating us were: 1. The close community built in the classroom, it allowed friendships to help with the education through classroom conversation. 2. The individual time you took to make sure we received the right approach in instructing us. 3. The examinations became easier due to the homework, which obviously has given me results and  opportunities."

-Maria C.

"I received scholarships to FIU, FSU, & UM."

-John A. 

"I received a full scholarship to college!"

-Stephanie L.